Introducing Palm

Palm is an independent consultancy firm specializing in advice to captive insurance companies and their owners. Our sole objective is to make captives better. We tailor our work to each client’s individual business purposes and every solution we work on is directed at ensuring that the client has a world class captive. The experience of Palm’s partners ranges across underwriting, risk management and broking and gives us understanding first hand of the real life challenges of running captives.

  • Experience
  • The experience of our Partners combines Captive ownership, risk management, underwriting, risk consultancy and insurance and reinsurance broking

    We provide best in class practices to ensure our clients are in compliance with mind and management and technical insurance issues

    We have created and put in place tailored insurance products not found elsewhere

    Our partners have handled some of the most complex re-insurance placements in the London Market

    Our partners have extensive experience managing complex insurance claims, as risk managers, brokers and claims experts

    Our non-affiliated expert network can provide turnkey captive operations from setup, governance, investments, tax, risk control, claims and all other concerns

  • Captive management and support
  • Captive managers handle accounting, reporting and basic governance, as well as day-to-day administrative functions.

    Some of our clients may have an established relationship with a captive manager. Others may choose to have Palm handle this function.

    Management services are important for ensuring that a captive runs smoothly from an administrative and accounting perspective. Our ability to provide management services means that we offer a one-stop solution and a seamless process.

    What captive managers don't provide are the core functions of insurance, including underwriting and issuance of policy wordings, provision proper transfer pricing documentation, analysis of appropriate risk retention levels, consideration of reinsurance requirements and development of new and profitable products for the portfolio.

    Palm provides these core functions that are critical to ensuring that the captive operates as a real insurance company. Palm also offers strong claims management and advisory services, in addition to ensuring that the captive is as robust as possible from a compliance perspective.

    We offer end-to-end services that make our clients' captives world class and best in class.

    We can provide Captive Management Services

  • We are truly independent
  • Palm is not affiliated with any insurance brokers or captive managers/consultants. This means that our advice and services are not biased by other objectives such as a desire to place more insurance. Palm’s only objective is to provide the best captive management and self-insurance advice to our clients.

  • Proprietary modelling
  • Palm has proprietary modelling systems. This modelling gives our clients a bespoke financial evaluation specific to your business and the captive insurance portfolio you have decided to put in your captive. This evaluation includes all factors that financial experts in our client’s organisations need to take decisions on captive feasibility, new products and financial outcomes that can be expected based on specific insurance portfolios. This information is clear and concise and demonstrates value creation by the captive both within the captive and to the parent organisation. Over time this model can be used for strategic reviews and modelling new and existing insurance products and portfolios.

  • Worry-free service
  • We promise rapid turnaround and timely service, fully communicated to both the captive and the parent. When you have questions, we have answers. When you need answers, you will get them right away.

Our Vision

Our Vision is “Making Captives Better”.

By supporting the insurance operations of captives, we will help them to be professional and valuable to their owners.

The Palm Difference

The Palm Difference


We are NOT insurance brokers. Brokers are insurance experts too, but in a different part of the value chain. They organize transactions to transfer risk out of your company. We help you to manage it so you can choose not to.


What Palm does is handle the captive’s core function: underwriting of risk. We ensure that your captive is a real insurance company, by providing support for risk analysis, pricing, insurance documentation, claims and compliance, and creating new and profitable products for the portfolio.